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Statement designs by Guy Pucill

These desigs aim is to influence the fitness and fashion community with humor and a touch of craziness. The t-shirts are top quality and made in a sustainable way - as well as being nice and soft. Browse through 8 designs below, to find a design that resonates with you! Each design has a unique story connected to it. Find the stories by choosing the images.

Clothing Crisis

Do you know the feeling of looking through your wardrobe and pulling out and discarding one piece of clothing after another? We do! The clothes we put on need to represent how we feel, the person we would like to portray at that exact moment, and also how we would like others to perceive us when we step out into the world.

Having a “clothing crisis” can mean that your wardrobe no longer represents the person you feel you are. Somehow, your emotional inside does not connect with your current, now 'out of sync', previous apparel purchases. Perhaps your psyche has shifted in a new direction? Who you are has changed and your clothes and old style no longer portray the real you.

Perhaps you are tired of blindly following the fast fashion industry? Perhaps you want to feel and look like the unique person you are! And maybe you like to smile, and make others smile too - humorous and personal artwork designs never get old! What brings a smile to your, and other's faces today will never fade.

I wonder which design will resonate with you? Whichever one you choose, look your best and wear it loud! Who are you today? Are you “Ready for a reboot” i.e. a change in your life, or would you rather be a “No Name”, and not stand out, but just be happy, regardless?

I love to connect with my customers, so any feedback is much appreciated. Also, if you have a life-affirming message or statement that you would like me to draw a face to represent, then ping me an e-mail with your idea and it just might make it to an actual design!

Free shipping in the EU and the US

This is your chance to wear something unique and get it with free shipping.

Your purchase will support my next artistic endeavor which will mean more designs for you to choose from in the future.

Have fun with your chosen design and get back to us about what you think.

Thank you for reading this.

Guy Pucill